PRIMER1: primer design for tetra-primer ARMS-PCR

Source sequence (up to 1,000 bases)

Position of SNP from start of sequence

Allele 1

Allele 2

Optimum primer size

Maximum primer size

Minimum primer size

Optimum (inner) product size

Maximum (inner) product size

Minimum (inner) product size

Maximum relative size difference of two inner products

Minimum relative size difference of two inner products

Optimum primer Tm

Maximum primer Tm

Minimum primer Tm

Maximum primer GC%

Minimum primer GC%

Maximum complementarity

Maximum 3' complementarity

Salt concentration (mM)

Annealing primer concentration (nM)

Number of outputs


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Andrew Collins, Xiayi Ke
Primer1: primer design web service for tetra-primer ARMS-PCR.
(Article submitted for publication)

Shu Ye, Sahar Dhillon, Xiayi Ke, Andrew R.Collins and Ian N.M.Day
An efficient procedure for genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms.
Nucleic Acid Research, 2001, Vol. 29, No. 17, E88-8