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PCR Designer for Restriction Analysis of Sequence Mutations

Source sequence (up to 1,000 bases)

Starting position of mutation



Optimum primer size

Maximum primer size

Minimum primer size

Optimum product size

Maximum product size

Minimum product size

Optimum primer Tm

Maximum primer Tm

Minimum primer Tm

Maximum primer GC%

Minimum primer GC%

Maximum complementarity

Maximum 3' complementarity

Salt concentration (mM)

Annealing primer concentration (nM)

Number of bases for mismatches on either side of mutation

Number of restriction sites

Number of primer pairs


For computing questions, please contact

For questions related to laboratory applications, please contact

Please cite the following paper in your resulting publications of using this program:

Xiayi Ke, Andrew R. Collins, Shu Ye (2002) PCR Designer for Restriction Analysis of Various Types of Sequence Mutation. Bioinformatics 18: 1688-1689.